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The Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice for Athletes

For the second installment of our inflammation and the athlete series, we’re going to talk about tart cherry juice! Inflammation is both good and bad for athletes, just as I detailed here when discussing the benefits of turmeric for your athletic performance.

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Why Athletes Should Use Turmeric for Inflammation

Athletes have long been turning to supplements to further performance, using products like protein powder to increase muscle growth or sports drinks for recovery. Here’s what you need to know about turmeric’s health benefits and how they can affect your athletic performance!

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Hello There!

Welcome to Marita Radloff Nutrition! You can read all about my background here, but for now I wanted to drop an official hello for my very first blog post. This site will cover what may be missing in your athletic (or otherwise!) life: nutrition! Nutrition is my jam and I’m here to dispel the myths, set the record straight, and make it easy for you. 

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